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Vermeer SC30TX Stump Grinder

Engine: Petrol
Height: 1245mm
Length: 2388mm
Width: 889mm
Motor: 25HP/18.6kw
Weight: 703kg

Stump grinders use a rotating cutting disc to chip away at tree stumps to below ground level.
With a focus on ease-of-operation, the compact design of the tracked large stump grinder offers intuitive controls, providing one control for each track and a joystick to control the cutting head. This user-friendly handle system provides additional capacitance sensing capability and is intended to help protect the operator.
The tracks provide excellent maneuverability over rough terrain, allowing the operator to easily transport the unit to and from the worksite.

$65 per machine hour incl GST
Half Day Hire $175 incl GST (minimum 2 hours)
Full Day Hire $260 incl GST (minimum 4 hours)

Fuel Extra.

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