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At Lambe Construction – Jo’s Hire, we provide a wide array of hire equipment tailored for various needs. Whether you’re tackling construction, earthmoving, or even personal garden projects and landscaping, our equipment is designed to assist you effectively. Conveniently located at our Appleby Yard in Richmond, you have the option to pick up your desired equipment from our store. Alternatively, we offer a hassle-free equipment delivery service, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly.



Gardening & Landscaping


Lambe Construction: ZERO HARM COMMITMENT
Safety | Environmental | Quality

At Lambe Construction, our family business operates with a profound sense of ownership and responsibility. We are dedicated to embracing innovative practices that minimize negative environmental impacts on the communities we serve.

Our approach revolves around a deep understanding of our social, environmental, and economic responsibilities. Our team-based reporting structure at Lambe Construction is designed to uphold ethical employee treatment, ensuring the well-being of our valued team members. Our enduring commitments are focused on fostering sustainable growth within our community and environment. Through these efforts, we don’t just build structures; we cultivate relationships, making a positive contribution to the world around us.

Furthermore, we take pride in our leadership role within the business community, particularly regarding our ethical approach to environmental and social impacts on surrounding communities. Our dedication to responsible practices remains at the forefront of our vision, as we continue to pave the way for sustainable business standards.

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