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Whatever your building-project, we can cover all the civil aspects required to complete your project. We have our own, highly skilled, in-house team and work with a highly skilled group of subcontractors. By working like this, we can control the quality, timing and cost of your project.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure our customers’ needs are met and that every project runs smoothly until completion. And, if plans do change along the way, we have the contacts, resources and know-how to adapt to every situation.


We offer a broad range of construction, landscape and gardening equipment for Contractors and the general public.


We’ve worked on subdivision projects of every size and scale from large subdivision projects to smaller development sites and everything in between.


We’ve worked on projects of every size and scale from large construction projects to smaller residential sites and everything in between. More specifically our siteworks include the preparation and construction of driveways both large and small, footpaths, and carparks. We also provide smart advice on your site clearing needs, whether it’s a home, workplace or construction site.


We are highly experienced in all types of excavation work. Maybe you need house foundations, a lift pit, pool or even car park – talk to us today. We can provide bulk excavation and detailed excavation services on any site.


At Jo’s Hire, we offer a diverse selection of hire equipment spanning various categories. Enjoy the flexibility of picking up your equipment from our store or opting for our convenient equipment delivery service. Whatever your project demands, we’ve got you covered.



Gardening & Landscaping


Lambe Construction: ZERO HARM COMMITMENT
Safety | Environmental | Quality

At Lambe Construction, our family business operates with a profound sense of ownership and responsibility. We are dedicated to embracing innovative practices that minimize negative environmental impacts on the communities we serve.

Our approach revolves around a deep understanding of our social, environmental, and economic responsibilities. Our team-based reporting structure at Lambe Construction is designed to uphold ethical employee treatment, ensuring the well-being of our valued team members. Our enduring commitments are focused on fostering sustainable growth within our community and environment. Through these efforts, we don’t just build structures; we cultivate relationships, making a positive contribution to the world around us.

Furthermore, we take pride in our leadership role within the business community, particularly regarding our ethical approach to environmental and social impacts on surrounding communities. Our dedication to responsible practices remains at the forefront of our vision, as we continue to pave the way for sustainable business standards.

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